DPF series power cabinet


  1. The power train cabinet can be equipped with a current monitoring and alarm device, which can provide an intelligent communication interface and corresponding management software to facilitate centralized monitoring and management of the computer room.

  2. "Three remotes" can be realized, namely remote measurement, remote signaling, and remote control.

  3. The power train cabinet can monitor the total input current, voltage, fault of each circuit, the status of each output branch switch and the power quality (optional),

  And in a visual and intuitive way (such as LCD, LED, etc.) to centrally display the refresh rate, not less than once per second.

  4. The column head cabinet can be operated on the front or on both sides, and can enter and exit the line up and down. You can choose to have a busbar room or without a busbar room. Outlet terminals can be installed in the busbar compartment.
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