Application:Used in household energy storage, solar street lights, RVs, electric wheelchairs, mobile communication systems, communication switching and transmission systems, power systems, solar application systems, wind power systems, emergency lighting and security systems, uninterruptible power supplies, etc.

Batteries for construction vehicles can be customized

Application:Low-speed vehicles, scooters, AGV, engineering vehicles, golf carts, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric boats, submersibles, electric aircraft, drones and other electric tools and equipment.

258 degree liquid-cooled energy storage cabinet

Application:Large load scenarios, such as hospitals, shopping malls, data centers, commercial buildings, industrial production, hotels, agriculture and greenhouse cultivation, parking lots and charging stations, remote areas and island power grids, etc.

ESS-48V 50Ah (A)

Application:Backup power supply, solar self-power supply, wind power generation system, integration of light storage and charging, load balancing and peak reduction, electric vehicle charging, household emergency response.

CM-KGCF40 charge and discharge power supply


  1. Various control methods such as static electricity, charging, discharging, and reverse charging can be realized

  2. Pulse width/pulse amplitude can be set to realize pulse charging

  3. It has multiple working modes such as constant current, constant voltage, constant voltage cross current, constant current limit voltage charging, constant current discharge, etc.

  4. With fixed time, voltage and other stage conversion methods to realize automatic conversion

  5. With power-down storage function, the incoming call will automatically return to the working state before power-off, realizing unattended

DPF series power cabinet


  1. The power train cabinet can be equipped with a current monitoring and alarm device, which can provide an intelligent communication interface and corresponding management software to facilitate centralized monitoring and management of the computer room.

  2. "Three remotes" can be realized, namely remote measurement, remote signaling, and remote control.

  3. The power train cabinet can monitor the total input current, voltage, fault of each circuit, the status of each output branch switch and the power quality (optional),

  And in a visual and intuitive way (such as LCD, LED, etc.) to centrally display the refresh rate, not less than once per second.

  4. The column head cabinet can be operated on the front or on both sides, and can enter and exit the line up and down. You can choose to have a busbar room or without a busbar room. Outlet terminals can be installed in the busbar compartment.

Distribution box


1. Reasonable distribution of electric energy

2. Convenient to open and close the circuit

3. It has a high level of safety protection and can visually display the conduction state of the circuit.

Committed to providing safety   Efficient energy application service

We are experts and innovators in the field of battery power, and we have been committed to becoming a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Unite and work together to create brilliance, and look forward to the grand blueprint for the future



Jiangxi Fengri Environmental Monitoring Report for August 2020
Jiangxi Fengri Environmental Monitoring Report for August 2020
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