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        Fengri new "Grid DC backup VRLA gel batteries" products through provincial identification

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           January 31, in Changsha City in Hunan Liuyang National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Feng Day Electric Power Co., the conference room, the Lake Provincial Machinery Industry Association, chaired by the Shenyang Institute of batteries, Tianjin 18, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid , expert appraisal committee Northeast Normal University, Hunan University, Hunan University, Hunan Electric Power Research Institute, Changsha Corporation and the provincial and municipal departments, bureaus listened to the project consisting of reports on the situation, review the appraisal data to investigate the production site by questioning and discussion, identifying the company developed the "DC backup power VRLA gel batteries" for the provincial new products.

           "Grid DC backup VRLA gel batteries," the company in 2006 on the basis of the power industry for standby power battery technology development and changing requirements began to develop, after six years, investment in R & D funding over 200 million yuan to complete the product, process design recipe test, raw material selection, prototyping and small batches in batches trial. After self-test and third party quality inspection departments, the performance indicators meet or exceed all relevant international, line marked and corporate standards. 2013 began mass stereotypes and test market, users reflect the good. The product not only has the power to run a safe, reliable, easy maintenance, low operating cost, and long life, no pollution, but also for communications, shipping, storage, rail and urban rail transportation and other fields, with good economic, environmental and social benefits.

           Fengri As the first research and development, production and sales of VRLA batteries and DC power supply, one of the electrical equipment of enterprises, has been attached great importance to the research and development of new products, he met with Central South University, North China Institute of Science and Technology and many other colleges and universities scientific research institutes to establish a wide range of industry, academia, research and cooperative relations, the annual R & D investment of more than 4% of sales. 30 years, the company applied for a total of 94 national patents, 36 invention patents, utility model 55, foreign PCT patent 3. He chaired or participated in the development of international and industry standards 9, with trademark 8, in which the 9th class "batteries and ancillary battery switch screen" registered "Feng Day and map" trademark was identified as Chinese well-known trademarks. 240V high-voltage direct current focus of the State Science and Technology Innovation Fund projects 1.2 million yuan to support; FDY6 smart grid with digital AC-DC integrated power system to declare the 2013 Innovation Fund; rail vehicle battery has been widely applied to the Guangzhou Metro, the Shenzhen Metro, Beijing subway, subway Chongqing, Changsha subway, Shanghai subway, Tianjin Binhai and other 15 cities, has become the leader in domestic subway battery and exported to Brazil subway, subway Argentina and other foreign markets.

           Innovation and sustainable development; vitality Fengri, Everlasting.

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