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        The city workers skills contest held in Fengri

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        June 18, by the Liuyang City Union, the national trade union of technology and economic development zones in Liuyang, Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd., HSBC co-sponsored by the city's 2014 employees job skills contest was held in the headquarters base in Hunan Electric Fengri. Event types are front-line workers daily work, both mechanical welding, battery assembly workers show rough beauty of the project, there are electronic circuit welding, battery sealant, etc. to show the delicate beauty of the project, as well as battery charging connection, battery packaging, speed text entry, and display the beauty of the project. Intense competition day, the climax, the workers work full enthusiasm and superb skills make people endless admiration. City Federation of Trade Unions Chairman Li Jianjun, said the skills contest organized activities aimed at the city form a "learning technologies, practicing skills, match ability and contributions" good atmosphere, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of workers and skills of creative work, leading the city's enterprises institutions set off a new upsurge in labor competition for Liuyang economic "advance thirty strong, again and again brilliant" for contributions。

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