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HSBC branch was held in recognition of the meeting summary

2015-08-20 16:21:34

June 28, when the birthday of the Chinese Communist Party from there two days, the abundance of daily electrical branch in Fengri zhigongzhijia all party members held a meeting. The one-day meeting of the year of the branch summarized the work and selected Mr Lai, Kong Qinghong, He Jian, Tang Guanghui, Zhang Chunhui 5 advanced members, the site has given awards. There have been meetings Zhang Chunhui, He Jian, Li truth, Tang Guanghui, Luoping, yangyanping and many other comrades spoke, talked about the party workers how to lead by example in work and life, play a vanguard and exemplary role. All party members full day Presiding Party secretary Mr Lai Feng comrades call the company to advanced learning, from job start times, with practical actions to prove himself worthy of the glorious title of Chinese Communist Party members.

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