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Responsible perseverance to be a successful salesperson



Responsible perseverance to be a successful salesperson

August, still sweltering. On the 10th, in the first half of the marketing meeting, the company for the first time according to individual performance has to arrange seats, a move intended to inspire morale, encouraged by the fighting, sparked enthusiasm enthusiastic marketing team.
In the first half, the company's overall performance, although not ideal, but since July all employees work together, unity, cooperation, marketing efforts have a new improvement. Since the first half, the marketing of each line, there are many bright spots emerged: the railway line to complete the objectives and tasks of the company to develop; Unicom line, Comrade Li Wenbin, the performance of the top, over a thousand; comrade Xiaoyong Rong Unicom China Unicom business line director, at the same time do a good job also helping telecom on the line, the new development in Sichuan Unicom and Sichuan Telecom; not successful in Shanxi, Guangxi, Hunan, Henan and other provinces, through the efforts of our sales staff, but also made some performance; Li Mingde, Guo Tian , Li Jianmin, Zhu flowers, painted Swallow, bear on behalf of Lin, Chang Jian Chao, Comrade 黎建康 etc. Although figures being no outstanding performance, but they are full of stamina. Through after five months of hard work, they can make a nice comeback!
How to do a good job five months after the sale, to do the following five areas:
First, we have ambition, serious and responsible to do marketing. There is a way, put marketing as their own careers, they are responsible for the company responsible for the customer's responsibility. Marketing is not easy, and takes a long time to accumulate comprehensive, have perseverance and perseverance, to climb the pinnacle of success!
The second is to seize and expand the market. Our market is very large, very versatile product, we need to continue to explore new ideas to adjust their thinking. It not only sells batteries, cubicle, but also in the past factories, residential and other marketing electric vehicles. Electric vehicle batteries, banking, tax, securities and other units of computer UPS battery needs to be increased marketing efforts. Railway line comrades, not only to sell the vehicle battery, but also sell chargers, etc., to provide a full range of vehicle services. In short, we want to continue to expand the marketing field. Oil Line (Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC), to continue to follow up, to keep abreast of market demand, strive for the early realization of income!
Third, we should stand united, fighting as a team. Metro line combat team is a model company. Within the company, the front and rear ends, directors and sales staff, should like to do the same with the Metro team cohesion, work should be meticulous in place; treat customers have to do to bottom, the Superintendent to do on-line, line-oriented staff to do services. Meanwhile, the provincial director to grasp the system, you can not get the province's business, region and even the county's business on the matter. Also, the institute's work to do, do the user works.
The fourth is to implement the fittest, superior to inferior deposit. Some sales staff, made for a very long time, not familiar with the product, work is not serious, performance falters, unexamined live. To put an end to "mix" mentality, as a salesperson should be hard work, some results! After the company will strictly enforce the bottom out of the mechanism, to activate Endeavour atmosphere.
A few months later, we hope that all salespeople have to seize the opportunity to act, to complete the task and exceeded the company's goals and continuous efforts!
Hope all salespeople can become a successful salesman, I hope you:
Enhance learning, intentions work; constantly thinking, selected location; honest and trustworthy, hard work; and less to find objective reasons, much less find themselves; and finally, to persevere.
(Speaking finishing according to marketing conference chairman) 
1--7 before the month ten marketing elite
Unicom's first line of Li Wenbin
Second railway line Li Mingde
Unicom third line Tang Qingsheng
Friends Fan fourth railway line
Unicom fifth line Xiaoyong Rong
Sixth railway line Kongan Ren
Seventh Powerline Zhou Wu
Eighth Fan Xing railway line
Ninth moving line Li Feng
Hu Shi tenth railway line early
Chairman Mr. Li Fugen breakdown of each sale of the elite, for the second half of the market is full of hope
Marketing panorama Assembly