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Fengri pure electric car market trot



Fengri pure electric car market trot

Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry jointly issued the "new pure electric passenger car business regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the Provisions) sin
Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry jointly issued the "new pure electric passenger car business regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the Provisions) since July 10, the total investment and production scale enterprises to invest in new projects will not be "Automobile Industry Development Policy "restrictions regarding minimum requirements, investors may decide.
Country of pure electric vehicle production enterprises "access targets" down, will allow more companies coming into the industry development of the "flood" in the Economic Development Zone is located in Liuyang in Hunan Feng Day Electric Group Co., Ltd. also accelerated start its electric car market plan and layout.
Who owned shares of listed companies
2003 Fengri electric registered electric car company to open the electric vehicle research and development, invested thousands of yuan, "Until last year, only the income." Mr Lai said the company's chairman, the company developed the scooter market, mainly in the rural market, by comparison Welcome, last year's sales of more than 1500 million.
In power battery market, Feng Day Electric also showing explosive development, in 2014 its battery power more than 10 million in sales last year, this year will soar to 90 million yuan, turned over nine times. These are just electrical roadmap Fengri in step with Mr Lai's words, as the country clear of new energy vehicles policy, Feng Day Electric prepare a big, targeting hundreds of billions of market cake, want to share.
In Feng Day Electric offers of a research report on the development of new energy vehicles can be seen, is scheduled to be planning new energy automotive industry parks and national central regions Proving Ground (Test Center), declared a national new energy automotive industry base ; promoting the Ministry of Industry, Hunan Provincial People's Government in the broadcasting convention center hosting the annual Central New Energy Auto Show and the annual forum, during this period carry out special investment.
Mr Lai said that to do such a thing alone Fengri electric one is difficult to achieve, the need to promote the integration of resources within the industry and a strong capital.
In order to promote the goals of the plan, in the second half Fengri electrical joint-stock company will be restructured to attract a number of capital strength stationed, through capital injection, to jointly promote the development of electric vehicle industry.
Currently, listed companies Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. has announced to join the company's June 19 announcement that the cash contribution transferee Fengri Hunan Electric Group Co., Ltd. held by Hunan Electric Power shares Fengri Ltd. 746.2 million shares, amounting to about 20 million yuan.
Deputy Secretary General of China mini electric vehicle industry technology innovation alliance, research project leader luohuiming said, Qilu Securities, HSBC has a clear stake in electronics, in addition to the basic three securities companies reached a cooperation agreement.
Liuyang build market model
Currently the country's 26 provinces 44 demonstration cities (group) have introduced support policies; Shandong, Henan, Fujian provinces for the market demand, the low-speed micro-electric car introduced a special policy, standards, management practices; Hunan and long lines Tan demonstration operations are carried out a policy, Loudi City, issued a special policy for the medium and low speed miniature electric vehicles. The Liuyang development of new energy automotive industry has a certain basis and advantages.
Luo Huiming believes that the current has formed Liuyang fireworks, biomedicine, electronic information, machinery manufacturing-based industrial structure, in the overall downward pressure on the larger economic situation, we must continue to maintain a rapid growth rate, Liuyang must seek to support the forthcoming high growth industry, and new energy vehicles is to choose one.
According to statistics, Liuyang manufacturing industry base 15 February, 26 auto-related companies completed a total output value of 2.88 billion yuan, an increase of 41.8%. And new energy automotive industry is focusing on the direction of the layout, which was built for the new energy automotive industry Liuyang Park, provides the basis for the development of the industry chain condition.
"I hope that the Government will promote the licensing of electric vehicles." luohuiming he said Feng Day Electric will be the main electric bike, electric motorcycle upgrade, namely micro-electric car, the price of 30,000 yuan, mileage reached 300 kilometers, will rural, urban residents provide a very practical scooter, the Liuyang build for the model of the market, and then to replicate expand elsewhere.
In luohuiming opinion, if Liuyang industry can seize direct control of the rapid development and opportunity, as soon as possible new energy automotive industry support policies, in Hunan new energy automotive industry will be able to occupy the leading edge.