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Company Profile


Fengri Electric Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise group integrating high-performance lead-acid battery series, lithium battery series, DC power supply, electrical complete equipment, various pipelines, electric vehicle production and sales, and waste battery recycling. The company was founded In 1982, it is located in the national-level Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. After more than 30 years of development, there are 8 existing subsidiaries. The three production bases in Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi cover an area of ​​nearly 1,000 acres and have a building area of ​​hundreds of thousands of square meters. . The registered trademark of "Fengri" was awarded as "China Well-known Trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the product was awarded the title of "National Quality Exemption Product". Obtained 80 domestic patents and 3 international patents.

In the field of new energy lithium battery, Fengri Group adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, technology-oriented, green energy, and benefiting mankind", and is committed to providing customers with overall power solutions. In terms of new energy technology, it has successfully developed a series of lithium battery products represented by solid-state lithium iron phosphate batteries, and has achieved technological breakthroughs leading the mainstream of the industry. It is a pioneer and leader in the domestic new energy field.

In the field of electric vehicles, relying on the Group's advantages in battery and electronic control technology, after more than 10 years of continuous research and development, it has strong technical strength and technology accumulation. At present, the company's electric vehicles have multiple models such as sightseeing tour vehicles, field transport vehicles, medium and low speed scooters, and explosion-proof vehicles.

The company’s batteries, power supply and electrical products have long been supplied to large enterprises such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Tower, Railway Corporation, CRRC, China Southern Power Grid, etc., in the Three Gorges, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Gezhouba, Xiaolangdi, and Northwest Power Grid and other national key projects are widely used and exported to dozens of countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. It is a global supplier to companies such as Siemens in Germany, Toshiba of Japan, Bombardier of Canada, GE of the United States and EMD of the United States.


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